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Sports Massage
Athletes at all levels commonly experience soreness and injuries. Sports Massage can help you prepare or recover from an event, treat or rehabilitate an injury, and maintain the health and function of tissue to prevent further injury. My understanding of anatomy, Kinesiology, physiology, and the specific demands of individual sports all help me to provide effective sports massages.
When working with you, I will base our session off the information you provide me, the sport or sports you participate in, and if need be, will modify my approach based on any findings during our session.
I provide two styles of Sports Massage: Maintenance Sessions and Injury Rehabilitation. To train at a high level you will be challenging your body and it will break down over time.
When an injury has occurred, Sports Massage is very beneficial in the healing process. Scar tissue will need to be treated to create a healthy and functional scar. If the scar is not treated it will be thick and stiff placing extra stress on the tissues above and below the scar because the scar does not move freely. This greatly increases the chances of re-injuring the muscle. The surrounding tissues will also need to be treated to break up adhesion that result from the injury. These adhesions create altered movement patterns and place stress on other areas of the body.
Massages are given throughout a training cycle to improve recovery time, evaluate how the body is responding to training, and identify and treat areas of tension that are limiting performance or could lead to injury. Maintenance sessions are critical in preventing injuries that lead to a disappointing performance or missed competitions. With a skilled therapist and regular work your chances of staying healthy are greatly improved. If you are training with a well designed program and receiving massage therapy, your performance has the potential to improve dramatically.

Deep Tissue
Deep tissue massage aims to release chronic tension patterns in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on the contracted areas. These strokes either follow or go across the muscles, tendons and fascia.
This type of massage works deep into the fascia and muscle fibers to focus on chronically tight areas that affect how your body functions. These tension lines could have be contracted for a long time altering your structure and your ability to function efficiently. Whenever this happens, chronic injuries can occur.
Benefits: While regular light or relaxing massages may provide temporary relief, deeper tissues must be treated to help maintain optimal tissue health.

Trigger Point Therapy
A trigger point, commonly known as a "muscle knot", is actually a group of muscle fibers unable to relax.  Trigger points are well documented and scientifically validated. They are taut bands within the muscle that:

  • Reduce circulation create a build up of waste products
  • Refer pain in predictable patterns
  • Limit Range of Motion
  • Alter movement patterns
  • Make everyday activities painful
  • Drain energy levels
  • Create stubborn and difficult injuries to successfully treat without
    trigger point elimination
  • Often misdiagnosed and ineffectively treated with Dangerous
    failed surgeries
  • Can create nerve entrapments from compressing a nerve between
    tight fibers and compressing a nerve where it pierces a taut band

 Myofascial Release
Myofascial release is the three dimensional application of sustained pressure and movement into the fascial system in order to eliminate fascial restrictions.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage is a combination of yoga stretches, stimulation of the body's meridians and Acupressure points, muscle massage, and joint manipulations and simulations. Thai Massage is excellent for muscle relaxation, as well as increased flexibility and mobility. It improves breathing, posture, balance, and helps correct bodily alignments and dissolve energy blockages. It also alleviates arthritis and back pain, and improves athletic performances.



Massage Rates

60 Minutes - $80

90 Minutes - $110

120 Minutes - $160


Package Deals

Package of 3 - 60 Minutes Massage $210

Package of 6 - 60 minutes Massage $420


Package of 3 - 90 Minutes Massage $300

Package of 6 - 90 Minutes Massage $650


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Integrative Bodywork$80 / 60 minutes
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